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About Us

Modded Wear A Brand By Modded Motors

Welcome to Modded Wear, your one-stop destination for all things automotive! As passionate YouTubers in the car community, we not only bring you exciting content but also offer a curated selection of merchandise, used parts, and brand new components that we've personally tested and installed on our channel. From stylish apparel to top-quality parts, we've got you covered for your next modding adventure. Explore our collection and take your ride to the next level with Modded Wear

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Our Story

In 2020, Ricky and Krystal, a husband and wife duo, embarked on a transformative journey driven by their shared passion for automobiles. Ricky, whose lifelong fascination with cars was deeply ingrained in his family history, was joined by Krystal in their pursuit of turning their love for cars into a meaningful venture. Growing up immersed in cars, Ricky absorbed knowledge eagerly while working at his grandfather's mechanic shop. With a staggering collection of over 30 cars under his belt before even starting their YouTube journey, Ricky's dedication to the automotive world was unwavering.


Simultaneously, Krystal's automotive expertise blossomed through their content creation efforts on their YouTube channel and social media platforms, collectively known as Modded Motors. She delved into the intricacies of cars, from mastering manual driving to confidently installing parts—all captured on camera.


Their journey on Modded Motors began as Ricky's initial foray into content creation was driven by a desire to share their passion with others and to financially support their hobby. However, as they delved deeper into the world of automotive content creation, they discovered a newfound passion for storytelling and creating captivating visuals. Ricky's talent for crafting engaging content led him to delve into the art of producing captivating videos, from cinematic showcases to in-depth tutorials, all aimed at enriching the viewer experience and fostering a sense of community among fellow enthusiasts. Fully embracing the world of content creation, their dedication to producing high-quality, engaging content became their driving force.


Before the dawn of Modded Wear, Ricky harbored a long-standing dream of launching his own automotive merchandise company, fueled by his unwavering passion for cars. His vision extended beyond mere merchandise; he aspired to see a content creator serve as an ambassador for the brand. When Ricky met Krystal, she ignited his passion and encouraged him to embrace his dream of becoming the content creator he had always envisioned.


Their journey surpassed expectations as Modded Motors gained traction beyond their wildest dreams. Fuelled by their shared love for cars, they embarked on the creation of their first merch item. Collaborating with an esteemed artist from the automotive community and partnering with a print shop deeply rooted in the same automotive culture, their merchandise not only supported one creator but also contributed to the livelihoods of multiple automotive artisans honing their craft.


As demand for their merchandise surged, viewers of Modded Wear began clamoring for a convenient hub to purchase the parts featured in their videos—a trusted destination where quality and authenticity were guaranteed. Responding to their audience's needs, Ricky and Krystal expanded Modded Wear to encompass both used and new parts, streamlining the process for the average consumer.


Today, Modded Wear stands as a beacon within the Alfa Romeo community, serving as a pinnacle shop where enthusiasts can find premium merchandise and top-quality parts—all backed by a shared passion for automotive excellence.

Meet The Creators

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